Spring fashion 2016

There are so many wonderful boho chic garments on the high street right now and it’s hard to choose which we love the most, what we do know is, we can’t wait for summer!

H & M have gone for some key pieces that remind me of a holiday in Marrakesh

hmprod hmprod1I love the loose flow of this dress, teamed up with sandals and big hoop earrings, you would be set for a wonderful boho day on the beach

I was pleased and suprised when I walked past our local Next store and saw some great hippy style clothes in the window, check these out:




I was also pretty suprised that Amazon have some really great pieces too and they are so reasonably priced, I wouldn’t of thought about looking on there before for clothes or fashion.

amazon 1



Check out my bohemian clothing Pinterest board for more lovely boho fashion and follow it so you don’t miss out on any future finds!




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