DIY boho boots tutorial

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She did this awesome post on making your boots boho, I love it, I will be raiding my fabric and ribbon stash now and seeing what I can do on my docs!

By Ashleigh on OmLivin’:

Good Day fellow crafters,
So recently I was finally able to achieve a craft that has been on my mind for quite some time now. Many Texans might cringe when they see the step by step tutorial, but I enjoyed every minute of it! Oh yes, a good ol’ cowboy boots up-cycle project!! I am not the biggest fan of country music, nor am I the biggest fan of cowboy hats & boots, but these “boho boots” sure have changed my mind…about the boots anyways!



I found tutorials on pinterest and immediately fell in love with the look! I gathered a few belts, ribbons and lace remnants and stored them for future crafting. Well those boots sat in my future craft shelf for about 4 to 6 months untouched! With a growing toddler, I felt that all I was crafting anymore were bigger clothes and painting projects. However, now that we have moved into our new home, I was able to reorganize and move my craft room from the garage into an actual room (“excitement right here!”). As I was unpacking, I came across these stuffed boots and a bit of disappointment washed up. Being the determined woman that I am, I did not place them back on the future craft shelf, but on the do it this week shelf…(yea I have a crafting organization problem)…So without further ado lets get started on this amazingly simple project!!




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