Boho head piece by Hushed Commotion

I adore head pieces especially if you have long straight hair (which I don’t) so seeing these beautiful photographs from One part gypsy I just had to share them with you, also these photos are taken in Morocco which is somewhere I have always wanted to visit after seeing Hideous Kinky.

Here is the shoot and the intro by One part gypsy

“I had originally hoped to wear the Wren headpiece by Hushed Commotion for my wedding but in the end went with a simpler look. (Imagine how beautiful this would be for a nighttime candle-lit ceremony?) You’ll see below how exquisite the piece is– I couldn’t bear to just put it back in the box! So Jen and I put together this shoot to capture its amazing detail.

While I’m not usually a fan of being in front of the camera, wearing the Wren felt like a version of myself that I really loved exploring.  Isn’t is powerful how the right piece can transform the way you feel?

We had so much fun playing in this magical little Morocco spot. Hope you enjoy!”

rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_01 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_02 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_03 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_04 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_05 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_06 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_07 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_08 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_09 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_10 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_11 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_12 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_13 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_14 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_15 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_16 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_17 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_18 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_19 rachel_garahan_one_part_gypsy_hushed_commotion_fondly_forever_20



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