Raise your energy!


It’s so important to feel uplifted and in a higher vibration. But sometimes circumstances or other people can suck the energy right out of you, we call them energy vampires. You can protect yourself before you go out by imagining a big bubble of love around you to delflect the negative energy. You can also smudge yourself and the entrance to your home too.

Don’t forget to ground yourself frequently, you can do this on the beach on on soil by taking your shoes off, you can literally feel the excess energy draining from your body going into the ground and transmuting into light.

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Have you experienced the feeling of low energy streaming through your body?.

Low energy can come from people trying to bring you down, frightening situations, a lack of love in life, bad self esteem and much more. Sometimes this lower energy can get make us feel stuck and like there’s no way out. But do know that there are many ways to release what doesn’t serve you and start to raise your energy to the higher frequencies again. Here are a few things to do in order to let go of the old and raise your energy higher:
1. Talk or write it out of your system.
2. Meditate on your emotions and release them one by one.

3. Use affirmations and mantras to state to yourself “I release the old and I raise myself to the higher frequencies”.
4. Take a shower! Stand under the water and visualize it washing all the negative energy away.

5. Go to nature and put your hands on the Earth and imagine roots growing down into the soil from your hands and feet
6. Put on some high vibe music that makes your whole body want to move //  by koolkarmavibes

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Reiki healing

You could also look at some angelic healing or Reiki, there is a wonderful lady called Lynn who I have had the pleasure to meet on many occassions and she is a walking ball of light energy!

Lynn~Avis is a gifted intuitive/ psychic and divinely inspired artist of channeled Angelic Art. She is a Spiritual teacher/mentor, also she is a much sort after Angel/Intuitive card reader and a Usui Reiki Master Healer.



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